436 The Red Book, Basics of Foundation Design 2024.pdf – 23 MB
A foundation design text book addressing settlement analysis, piled foundations, footings, retaining walls, vertical drain projects, and slope stability, supplementing conventional more comprehensive geotechnical textbooks.

429 Unit shaft resistance along piles in subsiding soil.pdf - 4.4MB
A case history from Denmark on monitoring piles in organic soil.

427 Bidirectional static loading-tests on barrette piles.pdf - 3.8MB
A case history from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

426 Residual force and downdrag.pdf - 10MB
Impacts of residual force and downdrag on static loading tests and design of CFA piles.

425 Modulus number of clays in the Red River Delta, Vietnam.pdf - 0.5MB
Comparison between Janbu Modulus Number and conventional Cc-e0-method for settlement calculation.

423 DFI Legends Award Retrospective 2019.pdf – 7Mb

422 Shaft Shear - soil and pile - Geo-Niagara 2021.pdf - 1MB
Shear stress between soft soil and various pile materials at various rates of shear.

421 CPT before and after piling.pdf - 5.2 MB
Increase of CPT-determined density of sand due to installation of press-in piles

419 Compressibility of granular soils.pdf - 5.1 MB
Simple equations for determining compressibility (Janbu modulus number) and stress history of granular soil from CTPU and DMT.

418 Analysis of a static loading test on a driven precast pile.pdf - 540 kb
A critique on presenting and analyzing actual results from a static loading test on an instrumented pile.

417 Loading test, application to design, and international survey.pdf - 2042 kb
Analysis of an instrumented static loading test with discussion and with results of a compilation of the answers from 66 individuals responding to similar effort.

416 Pile group analysis of long-term response of to sustained load.pdf - 1313 kb
A presentation of settlement and deformation response of foundations on narrow and wide pile groups in regard to differences between shaft and toe response for perimeter and interior piles and raft rigidity.

415 North-American approach to drag force design. Discussion.pdf - 1987 kb
Current Canadian and US highway standards for design of piles in subsiding ground is discussed and compared in a typical example.

414 Ground Response during Vibratory Sheet Pile Driving.pdf - 2915 kb
A case history of investigation of operational parameters of vibratory driving of sheet piles and interaction with the surrounding ground and installation guidelines.

413 Vibratory Driving of Piles and Sheet Piles.pdf - 2060 kb
Installation of piles by vibratory methods discussed and illustrated by case histories with emphasis on vibration frequency and resonance.

411 Static loading test on a CFA pile.pdf - 960 kb
Back-analysis of strain records from an instrumented static loading test addressing test performance and evaluation of force-movements by t-z/q-z functions.

410 CFA pile in silt and sand.pdf - 760 kb
A case history

409 Evaluation of vibratory compaction by in-situ tests - 50 kb
Site improvement by means of resonance compaction

408 Horizontal stress increase induced by deep vibratory compaction - 550 kb
Reply to Discussion

407 Driven piles installed in soft soils - 2.3 MB
A case history of static loading test on pile subjected to vertical and lateral soil movement

406 Prediction, testing, and analysis of a 50m long pile in soft marine clay - 1.4MB
A case history and results of international prediction survey

405 Deep compaction of sand.pdf - 1.4 MB
Horizontal stress change induced by compaction is discussed in terms of CPT and DMT in-situ tests and case histories.

404 Liquefaction induced downdrag.pdf - 0.7 MB
Analysis of the Juan Pablo II Bridge at the 2010 Maule Earthquake in Chile.

403 The stiffness uncertainty.pdf - 0.3 MB
A critical review of uncertainty of strain records in test piles in soils exhibiting strain-hardening and strain-softening response to applied load.

402 Fiber Optics Sensing, DFOS.pdf - 1.3 MB
A case history of a static loading test with instrumentation using Fibre Optic system for measuring strain in a 14 test pile.

400 DFI Legend Award Retrospective.pdf - 3.4 MB
A slide show on a retrospective of professional and personal life presented at the 2019 DFI Annual Conference.

399 Evaluation of Vibratory Compaction by In Situ Tests.pdf - 1.3 MB
Discussion on horizontal stress measured by different in situ methods, showing significant and permanent increase due to vibratory compaction.

398 Horizontal stress increase by vibratory compaction.pdf - 3.1 MB
The change in horizontal stress following vibratory compaction measured by cone penetration test (CPT) and a flat dilatometer test (DMT).

397 Liquefaction induced by vibratory compaction.pdf - 2.5 MB
Case histories on three different methods of deep vertical vibratory compaction used to treat loose, water-saturated sand.

396 Static response of a pile group.pdf - 550 kb
Full-scale study presenting results of bidirectional static loading tests on a single pile and a group of 13 piles in silty sand.

395 Common-mistakes in static loading-test procedures and result analyses - 280 kb
Examples of mistakes in static loading tests that impacted analysis of results

394 Load-movement response by t-z and q-z functions - 620 kb
Descriptions and equations of load-transfer functions for analysis of results from static loading tests

393 Static response of a group of 13 piles tested simultaneously.pdf - 0.5 MB
Full-scale study presenting results of head-down and bidirectional static loading tests on a single pile and a group of 13 piles in silty sand.

392 Observations and Analysis of Wide Piled Foundations.pdf - 2,400 kb
Case histories and discussion of the difference between response to load for perimeter piles as opposed to interior piles in a piled foundation.

390 Wick drains and piling for Cai Mep container port, Vietnam. GeoMEast 2018.pdf - 920 kb
A case history on settlement at a wick-drain treated site and the response of piles to the settling soil.

389 Augmenting effect of the Expander Body.pdf - 800 kb
A study of the augmenting effect of equipping piles with an Expander Body

388 In-situ Tests for Settlement in Sand.pdf - 720 kb
In-situ tests for settlement design of compacted sand

387 Sixty years of dynamic testing and analysis.pdf - 3500 kb
Sixty Years of dynamic testing and analysis of piles—A retrospective.

386 Tests on Single Piles and on Pile-Supported LPG Tanks - 2,870 kb
A case history reporting tests on single piles installed by driving and by jacked-in methods

385 Pitfalls and Fallacies in Foundation Design.pdf 1,140 kb
Critiquing the most flagrant "holy cows" in current geotechnical practice

384 Development of t-z curves.pdf - 400 kb
Discussion on adjusting t-z curves to results of static loading tests

382 Information on the single pile, static loading tests at B.E.S.T..pdf
Details on the arrangement of the static loading tests at the 3rd CFPB and where to find the data.

381 Comments on the B.E.S.T. intentional defects and anomalies - 500 kb
A review and critique of the arrangement for the integrity test demonstration at the 3rd CFPB.

380 Summary and comments on my prediction to the 3rd CFPB - 600 kb
The details of my own prediction to the 3rd CFPB prediction

379 Report on the results of the prediction survey of the 3rd CBFP event - 4.7Mb
Compilation of received predictions on response of single-pile static loading tests at the 3rd CFPB

378 Bidirectional testing case history.pdf - 870 kb
A case history of a bidirectional test case history on a 1.2m diameter 30m long pored pile in Calgary, AB, and analysis of instrumentation.

377 Liquefaction Assessment.pdf - 1,140 kb
Liquefaction remediation of a sand fill with measurements of vibration frequencies and amplitude and ground settlement.

376 Single piles, small pile groups, and wide piled foundations.pdf - 610 kb
Comments on the unified method as it applies to wide piled foundations with emphasis on the difference in response between perimeter and interior piles.

375 Underwater resonance compaction of sand fill.pdf -930 kb
Underwater resonance compaction of sand fill - proceedings from 19th ICSMGE, Seoul, Korea

373 Resonance Compaction.pdf - 1.1 MB
A case history of compaction of a sand fill using resonance compaction equipment, reporting measurements and improvement of horizontal stress, modulus number, and preconsolidation stress.

372 The Bolivian experimental site.pdf - 750 kb
A presentation of the B.E.S.T. field testing programme in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

371 Views on performing static loading tests.pdf - 750 kb
Comments and examples on instrumented static loading tests with emphasis on the bidirectional test method.

369 Fundamentals of vibratory driving.pdf - 750 kb
Drivability determined from a correlation between penetration resistance and penetration speed demonstrated by a case history and project references.

368 NSF and Pile Group Analysis.pdf - 680 kb
Negative skin friction pile concepts with soil-structure interaction. ICE Geotechnical Research Journal.

366 Embankment Prediction.pdf - 380 kb
Prediction submitted to the Ballina Prediction Symposium, Newcastle, September 9 10, 2016.

365 Cribsheet.xlsx - 1.7MB
An update of the Excel template for fitting load-movement data to failure criteria and to t-z and q-z functions.

364 Fallacies in Foundation Design, Hanoi 2016.pdf - 250 kb
Views on the fallacy of "capacity".

363 Single Pile and Pile Groups, Hanoi 2016.pdf - 800 kb
Advice on applying the Unified Design to single piles and narrow pile groups and views on response of wide pile groups to load.

360 Bidirectional Tests on Two Shaft Grouted Barrette Piles.pdf - 1.4MB
A case history of bidirectional tests on shaft-grouted 65 m and 85 m long barrettes

359 Wide Storage Tanks on Piled Foundations.pdf - 1MB
Analysis of settlement for pile groups with specific reference to storage tank foundations

358 Liquefaction-induced downdrag.pdf - 425 kb
Review of settlement of drilled-shaft bridge-foundations due to liquefaction at the February 27, 2010, Maule earthquake in Chile.

357 ISSMGE Copyright Task Force Proposal.pdf - 440 kb
A memo on proposed copyright agreement between authors and publisher

356 Tests on not-grouted and grouted large-diameter bored piles.pdf - 880 kb
A case history of testing and analysis of long bored piles

355 Deep Vibratory Compaction.pdf - 645 kb
Vibratory compaction: Execution, mechanism, equipment, monitoring, and analysis

354 Views on Residual Load.pdf - 645 kb
Three case histories showing analysis of residual load affecting load distribution measured in a static loading test.

353 The response of a plug in a pipe pile.pdf - 200 kb
Views on how to consider in a static analysis the effect of soil core inside a pipe pile driven open-toe, as opposed to the response of a pile driven closed-toe.

352 Instrumented Bidirectional Test.pdf - 130 kb
Results of a bidirectional-cell test on a strain-gage instrumented 1.2 m diameter, 40 m long, bored pile in clay: Distributions of load and beta-coefficients, and unit shaft shear resistance versus movement relative to the soil.

351 Vibrations from Pile Driving.pdf - 500 kb
Engineering assessment of ground vibrations caused by pile driving.

349 Background to UniPile, 2nd CFPB, Bolivia 2,050 kb
Background to UniPile analysis and slides presenting input screens

348 Static Test and Predictions 2nd CFPB - 1,950 kb
Results of a low-key prediction event

347 Fitting t-z & q-z functions in UniPile, 2nd CFPB - 400 kb
Advice on fitting measured load-movement to various models of response

346 The Static Loading Test, 2nd CFPB Bolivia 2015 - 4,490 kb
A slide presentation of analysis of results of static loading tests

345 The response of a core in an open-toe pipe pile - 370 kb
Analysis of the response to load by an open-toe pipe pile with an inside core of soil

344 Pile aging and set-up discussion.pdf - 314 kb
Discussion of pile aging in cohesive soils

343 UniPile User and Examples Manual.pdf - 2MB
Manual and Tutorial for UniPile Version 5

342 Cobramseg Bidirectional test.pdf - 1.1MB
Analysis and discussion of the analyis of four static loading tests and a comparison to a dynamic test.

341 Piled foundation design as reflected in codes and standards.pdf - 205 kb
A critique on the Eurocode, AASHTO Specs, and others. The DFI-EFFC Mitchell Lecture

340 Pile Vibration - Part 2 Standards.pdf - 430 kb

339 Pile Vibration - Part 1 Damage.pdf - 365 kb

338 Response to load for four different bored piles.pdf - 695 kb
Report on the Bolivian prediction event.

337 Bolivian Piling Practice.pdf - 735 kb
Current state of practice of piled foundations in Bolivia

336 Wickdrains for container port.pdf - 390 kb

333 Bidirectional-cell tests in Vietnam.pdf - 520 kb

332 Body Use of CPT for compaction projects.pdf - 1,150 kb

331 Screw-pile and pile group.pdf - 965 kb.

329 Discussion on swelling soil.pdf - 460 kb

327 & 328 t-z and q-z functions for pile analysis.pdf - 660 kb
More discussion on t-z and q-z functions for pile analysis

324 Suggested t-z and q-z functions for load-movement response.pdf - 90 kb
Discussion on the choice and use of t-z function for analysis of results of static loading tests

323 Tests on full-scale pile groups. Discussion.pdf - 100 kb
Discussion on results of full-scale tests and interpretation of data

322 Settlement of large piled foundations.pdf - 1,300 kb
Analysis of settlement for large pile groups with specific reference to storage tanks.

320 Analysis of a piled-raft foundation.pdf - 420 kb
Case history of excessive settlement of piled raft foundation including analysis and remediation measures.

319 Failure of embankment on soil-cement columns.pdf - 1,500 kb
Case history of failure of an embankment including analysis and remediation measures.

318 Pile Prediction Event 2011.pdf - 335 kb
Results of a response of a CFA pile in terms of capacity and load-movement as predicted by 41 participants in a prediction event.

318 Pile Prediction Event 2011.pdf - 335 kb
Results of a response of a CFA pile in terms of capacity and load-movement as predicted by 41 participants in a prediction event.

316 Analysis of Pile Response.pdf - 179 kb
Two case histories of static loading tests analyzed using UniPile.

314 Bored Piles in the Mekong Delta.pdf - 322 kb
Large diameter long bored piles in the Mekong Delta. International Journal of Case Histories, 2(3) 192-207.

312 Bidirectional-cell Tests for Icon Condominiums.pdf - 400 kb
A case history of tests on bored piles in Singapore with aspects of the need for discarding the surviving gage of a pair of strain gages where one gage is unusable, views on tension in cooling concrete where pile contraction was prevented, obtaining equivalent head-down curves from effective stress analysis and use of t-z and q-z curves calibrated from the test results.

311 PileDriver article on formulas and Boston Code.pdf - 560 kb
Some additional views on the 19424 Discussions described in Paper 298.

310 Discussion on pile stiffness.pdf - 650 kb
A discussion on determining the secant modulus of a pile comparing the direct method to the tangent method.

309 On Copyright.pdf - 8.5 MB
Personal thoughts and advice on the signing over one's copyright to journals and publishers.

308 Reply to Discussion on Residual Load.pdf - 150 kb
Reply to a discussion on Paper 294.

305 Barrette failure in weathered rock.pdf - 850 kb
Failure of a 1.5 x 2.8 m, 44.5 m deep barrette constructed in weathered sedimentary rock of the Jurong formation in Singapore as revealed in an O-cell test.

304 Early Geocontributions.pdf - 1,870 kb
Early Swedish Contributions to Geotechnical Engineering

303 Monitoring N.S.F.pdf -560 kb
Long-term settlement of a three-storey apartment building on piles

302 Settlement of Piled Foundations.pdf - 1,060 kb
Design for Settlement of Pile Groups by the Unified Design Method. A Case History

301 A Light Restrospective.pdf -400 kb
Dr. Fellenius looking back at his career

300 Design and Testing for a Project in Morocco.pdf -375 kb
A case history of testing and analysis for a telecommunications project in Morocco

299 Piles in Lacustrine and Deltaic Deposits.pdf -800 kb
Two Bridge Foundation Case Histories

298 Discussion 1942 and 10 percent rule.pdf - 610 kb
Pile Driving Formulas. Past and Present-- Discussion on the Boston piling code in 1942 and the origin of Terzaghi’s so-thought 10 % rule.

297 UniSettle4 User Manual, Tutorial, and Examples.pdf - 3.5MB
Manual and Tutorial for UniSettle Version 4 upgrade

295 Capacity versus deformation analysis for design of footings and piled foundations.pdf - 330 kb
Views and recommendations on design of footings and piles for settlements rather than capacity.

294 Residual Load and Analysis of Strain-gage Data.pdf - 730 kb
Results of full-scales head-down and O-cell tests in Busan, Korea, on a long spun-pile driven in deltatic soils.

292 Views on accuracy of tests and analyses.pdf - 1,680 kb
A slide presentation to the Piling and Deep Foundations Asia Conference, Hong Kong July, 2009.

290 Testing and design of a piled foundation project.pdf - 302 kb
A case history on the application of the Unified method to a project with details of testing and analysis.

289 Combination of bidirectional-cell test and conventional head-down test.pdf - 330 kb
A case history on testing large bored piles in Singapore.

288 Foundations of the new international airport in Bangkok, Thailand.pdf - 3,780 kb
A slide presentation from papers on the Bangkok airport foundation design studies.

287 Discussion on paper on Test on closed-toe pipe pile.pdf - 48 kb
Discussion on the analysis and conclusions of a paper presenting full-scale data from instrumented piles driven in a layered soil profile.

284 Past, Present, and Future - 160 kb
Brief comments on load-movement response of footings to load with application to pile analysis

283 Pile loading tests at Golden Ears Bridge Vancouver- 460 kb
Results and analysis of static loading tests and CPTU soundings at the Golden Ears Bridge in Vancouver, Canada

282 Comments on the current and future use of pile dynamic testing - 345 kb
Keynote Lecture to the 8th International Conference on the Application of Stress Wave Theory to Piles, Lisbon September 2008.

281 Puerto Rico Case History.pdf - 345 kb
Using dynamic pile testing to overcome surprising soil variations.

280 Long term Monitoring of Strain.pdf - 550 kb
A study of how hydration and swelling affect strain gage data in concrete structures.

279 San Jacinto Monument Discussion - 220 kb
Analysis of 70 years of settlement of the San Jacinto Monument put into context of general subsidence due to pumping for water and oil.

278 Ground vibrations induced by impact pile driving.pdf - 1070 kb
Discussion on the effect of vibrations from pile diriving with guidelines for establishing limiting vibration levels. A theoretical concept is presented for calculation of attenuation of spherical and surface waves and of cylindrical waves generated at the pile toe and the pile shaft, respectively.

277 Bored Piles Tests Analysis.pdf - 264 kb
Discussion on the evaluation of test data in a paper reporting full-scale bi-directional tests on bored piles installed for the Bangkok International Airport, Thailand.

276 & 285 Liquefaction_ASCE and PDCA.pdf - 315 kb
Brief discussion on the effect of liquefaction on the axial response of piles with comments on code approaches.

274 Clarification of Confusion.pdf - 72 kb
A critical comment on the EuroCode treatment of design for drag load. The code’s erroneous, very expensive, and yet unsafe approach is exposed by reference to the example presented in the code commentary.

273 & 275 Discussion on two papers.pdf - 1.3 MB
Discussion on two papers reporting a test on jacked H-piles bringing up aspects of proper evaluation of unit shaft resistance from strain gage determined load distribution and omitted values of residual loads.

270 Effective Stress Analysis.pdf - 0.3 MB
A series of histories on evaluation of pile capcity from effective stress analysis and a discussion on aging of pile capacity.

268 Analysis of piles in a residual soil - The ISC'2 prediction.pdf - 1.6 MB
Article in the Canadian Geotechnical Journal reporting the results from a prediction seminar in Portugal 2004 with analysis of the soil data and static and dynamic test results.

266 Deep vibratory compaction of granular soils.pdf -1.6 MB
Aspect of planning, design, and execution of deep vibratory compaction of natural and man-made fills are presented. Features of purpose-built types of compaction probes are described and the most important factors governing the compaction process are presented, such as vibration frequency - an important parameter as it influences probe penetration - and can enhance compaction by means of resonance effects during the compaction phase.

265 Drag force and downdrag -- Old and New.pdf – 1.1 MB
A compilation of the findings presented in several full-scale studies of drag load and downdrag since the mid 1960s, including some results not before published and reanalysed.

263 Boundary Discussion.pdf – 235 kb
Discussing the effect of boundary conditions (distance to container side) on results of centrifuge tests in a 550 mm diameter container.

259 Sandpoint - DFI.pdf – 690 kb
A presentation of a highway project involving piled foundations over a 200 m thick deposit of soft clay with comments on the subsequent bridge and embankment design.

258 Fellenius Unified Design-Goble volume.pdf English version   version Español
A synthesis of the design for piles—piled foundations and pile drafts— with regard to capacity, drag load, settlement, and downdrag. Results of several full-scale field tests are included.

257 Orlando Prediction.pdf - 781 kb
A presentation and discussion of the predicted and the actual pile response to driving and static loading test for the GeoInstitute Orlando Prediction event February 2002.

255 Sandpoint CGJ.pdf - 1159 kb
Detail results of a static loading test on a 45 m long instrumented pipe pile driven into a thick deposit of soft clay. Measured distributions of residual load and soil resistance are compared to distribution determined from CPTU sounding.

253 PDCA-Specs Article - 95 kb
Article with comments on examples of specifications used for piling contracts.

248 Pile Group Settlement.pdf - 186 kb
A back calculation of a case history reporting twelve years of settlement observations of a piled foundation, demonstrating how the settlement can be calculated applying conventional compressibility parameters and stress distribution.

243 Loading Test Discussion - 829 kb
ASCE Journal discussion on analysis of the results of static loading tests on piles in sand.

242 & 246 Residual Load Analysis.pdf - 310 kb
A two-part article published in Geotechnical News Magazine. The first part presents aspects of evaluation of strain-gages in instrumented piles with notes on Shift-of-No-Load-Reading and influence of Residual Loads. The second part describes in detail and with examples how analyze the test data and determine the magnitude and distribution of residual load and true resistance.

238 True Distribution of Load in Piles - 276 kb
Paper to the ASCE GeoInstitute Conference February 2002. Tests on piles-driven or bored-sometimes include instrumentation for determining the load distribution. Most of the time, the measurements are analyzed from the assumption that the "zero readings", which are the readings taken at "zero" time, i.e. at the outset of the test, also have registered "zero" load. This assumption is more than a little off. It neglects the existence of locked-in loads-residual load-in the pile and is one of the sources of the myth of the so-called "critical depth" and neglecting residual load negates the primary objective of instrumenting a test pile.  Examples are given on measured distributions of residual load and evaluated corrected (true) resistance.

237 Six Case Histories on Pile Dynamics Preprint.pdf
Using the PDA to analyze soil plug in pipe piles, load-movement in CAPWAP and in static loading test, set-up and effect of excavation.

234 Downdrag Discussion - 131 kb
Asian Journal Discussion on the analysis of dragload and downdrag on piles and comparison of two approaches to the calculation of downdrag (settlement).

233 Strain to Load - 212 kb
An article from Geotechnical News Magazine on how to determine load in an instrumented pile from strain values when the elastic modulus of the pile material is not a constant but a function of the imposed load.

232 Discussion on O'Neill - 913 kb
ASCE Journal Discussion on the relevance of assuming different shaft resistance in pull as in push (resistance in tension versus in compression) with reference to analysis of case histories.

231 Vibratory Compaction - 412 kb
Canadian Geotechnical Journal paper on a case history about a 10 m thick sand fill compacted using vibratory compaction.  Soil conditions were determined using cone penetration tests before and at two and seven days after compaction.  The results show significant increase of cone stress, which demonstrates decrease in compressibility (increase of modulus number).  The results of settlement calculations based on the Janbu method demonstrates the importance of taking the preconsolidation effect into account in the analyses.

230 & 240 Analysis of Pile Capacity-DFI - 339 kb
Two articles published in DFI Fulcrum on determining bearing capacity in a static loading test and how to use the capacity value in the design of piles.

228 Loading Test on Three Bored Piles-Discussion.pdf
Discussion on the evaluation of static loading tests on three piles as presented in an ASCE paper. With emphasis on the analysis of residual load.

227 Statnamic Test on Three Bored Piles-Discussion.pdf - 262 kb
Discussion on Statnamic tests on three piles as presented in an ASCE paper. With presentation of the principle of determining capacity from Statnamic test results.

224 Planning Integrity Tests.pdf - 4.4 Mb
Pile testing competitions - a critical review.

223 Pile Survey.pdf - 97 kb
A paper presented at the DFI Annual Meeting, October 1999, Dearborn, Michigan.

221 Thesis Guide.pdf - 290 kb
A guide to formatting reports and theses at the University of Ottawa with advice of expressions, units, spelling, references, and style. Several examples are included.

219 Delusion of Bearing Capacity - 471 kb
A paper presented at the DFI Annual Meeting, October 1999, Dearborn, Michigan

218 On writing a Piling Paper-DFI - 256 kb
A guide and recommendations for writing a manuscript on piling.

215 Using the Pile Driving Analyzer.pdf – 107 kb>
Comments on the use of the Pile Driving Analyzer presented to the Pile Driving Contractor Association, PDCA, Annual Meeting, San Diego, February 1999

214 Response of tapered piles. Discussion.pdf - 327 kb
Discussion on "Experimental study of axial behavior of tapered piles"

213 Go SI - 82 kb
Lecture notes advocating the use of the SI-system.

212 The terzaghi unit - Discussion.pdf - 98 kb
A tongue-in-cheek discussion on a proposal for adopting the unit "terzaghi" to be the unit for the Coefficient of Consolidation, cv, now expressed in m2/s

211 Dragload-Downdrag-Settlement - 881 kb
The basics of the Fellenius Unified Pile Design of Capacity, Negative Skin Friction (Dragload and Downdrag), and Settlement. The approach is applied to a case study involving 100 ft to 190 ft long piles and is also a demonstration of the use of UniPile in an engineering project. Paper presented to a New York ASCE seminar in April 1998. The paper quotes several important case histories from the literature.

210 Use of Bitumen-Discussion.pdf- 48 kb
Selecting of bitumen reduce shaft shear and comments on how to determine the need for such reduction

206 Dragload-Downdrag Discussion.pdf - 24 kb
Asian Journal Discussion on the design for dragload and downdrag (settlement) on piles with recommendation summary.

204 Tapered Piles in Sand - 552 kb
Soil set-up, variable concrete modulus, and residual load for tapered instrumented piles in sand. An ASCE conference paper presenting a case history of testing and analysis of strain-gage instrumented Monotube steel pipe piles with method for the evaluation of non-constant concrete modulus and the effect of residual load.

203 O-Cell Barrette in Manila.pdf – 1,235 kb
Analysis of data from Osterberg Cell testing of a 28 m deep barrette in Manila, Philippines, with application of the results to the foundation design of a 28-storey residential building.

202 Soil Profile from CPT - 631 kb
Soil profile interpreted from CPTu data. A paper presenting soil profiling methods using the Cone Penetrometer, CPT and CPTu.

201 Pile Capacity from CPT - 1,300 kb
The cone penetrometer test, CPT and CPTu, and its use for determining pile capacity. Several methods employed in current engineering practice are discussed, compared, and applied to a series of case histories. Canadian Geotechnical Journal article.

195 Reflections on Pile Dynamics.pdf – 190 kb
Keynote paper to the Fifth International Conference on the Application of Stress-wave Measurements.

190 Pipeline Soil Interaction.pdf – 1,230 kb
Finite element modeling of lateral pipeline-soil interaction.

184 Conception of Statnamic.pdf – 79 kb
The start of the Statnamic test. A presentation to the First International Conference on the Statnamic Method.

183 Toe Damage.pdf – 486 kb
A case record of damage to pipe piles driven into bedrock. The paper includes wave traces of damaged and undamaged piles as well as PDA records diagrams from the piles

180 Toe Resistance from CPT analysis.pdf - 135 kb
Toe Bearing Capacity of Piles from Cone Penetration Test (CPT) Data

171 Critical Depth - 434 kb
A paper entitled "Critical depth. How it came into being and why it does not exist." Explanation of the critical depth concept and why it is a fallacy. ICE Geotechnical Journal article.

165 The Start of the DFI.pdf – 8 kb
Looking back on the start of the DFI - When, why,and who.

162 Footings in sand.pdf – 490 kb
Critique on the current practice of calculating settlement for footings, in particular when the calculation is based on relative density and extrapolation from model tests. The presentation brings forward scaling rules and emphasizes the importance of the critical state approach.

160 FastFoundation Disc.pdf – 7 kb
A discussion on a case history for a large project with critical views on the of design of piled foundations.

158 Piles at Rainy River.pdf – 960 kb
A case history of driving piles against sloping bedrock.

155 Molikpaq.pdf – 1,015 kb
Rules of physical modeling and their application to a full-scale case history.

153 Physical Modeling.pdf - 786 kb
Explanation of how steady-state soil mechanics can explain the difference between observations of foundation behavior in full-scale as opposed to laboratory model scale with reference to why relative density is not a useful soil parameter. Canadian Geotechnical Journal article.

148 Piles in Sand-Iraq III.pdf
Analysis of tests on piles in sand - The fallacy of the "Critical Depth" concept.

147 Comparison of static and dynamic results.pdf - 0.9 MB
A case history describing the testing programme for Alsea Bay Bridge, Oregon involving drivability and capacity studies using static and dynamic methods on a 500-mm diameter 40 m long spliced prestressed concrete pile driven to bedrock.

146 Prestressed concrete splice problems.pdf - 1.5 MB
A case history of problems with mechanical splices of prestressed concrete piles and its resolution.

145 Dynamic and static in fine-grained soil.pdf - 1.5 MB
Paper describing a case history of a dynamic a static testing programme employed to control and optimize the installation of 300 driven pipe piles for a sewage treatment plant.

140 Piles in Sand Iraq-II.pdf
Analysis of tests on piles in sand - Numerical analysis.

139 Piles in Sand Iraq-I.pdf – 850 kb
Analysis of tests on piles in sand - Analysis of load-transfer and residual load from instrumentation data

135 Influence of Residual Load.pdf– 131 kb
Discussion on the load distribution results of the Evanston Prediction with regard to the presence of residual load in the instrumented piles. Predicted pile response vs. actual response.

134 Choosing Failure Load.pdf– 136 kb
Discussion on what failure load to use for reference to the results of the actual static loading tests and the predicted load-movement curves for the Evanston Prediction

133 Foundation Engineering Handbook Chapter 13.pdf - 2MB
Chapter 13, Deep Foundations, in Foundation Engineering Handbook, 2nd Edition.

132 Static vs. Dynamic.pdf – 294 kb
Static test or Dynamic test - Which to trust? A case history.

131 Mobilized Capacity.pdf – 26 kb
Comments on pile capacity and limitations of dynamic analysis and how to overcome them.

130 Special Projects Only.pdf – 203 kb
Three case histories where dynamic testing and analysis made a difference.

129 Laments.pdf – 340 kb
Laments of ignorant and costly foundation design.

125 PWC Canadian Master Specifications.pdf - 317 kb
Construction specifications for piling prepared for Public Works Canada in August 1990

120 Dynamic and Static Capacity plus set-up.pdf - 1.7 MB
Steel piles driven through estuarine deposited soils and into a variable glacial deposit to depths of 33 through 48 metre and subjected to dynamic monitoring during initial driving and restriking. Results from CAPWAP analysis and static loading tests are compared.

119 Evanston Prediction 1989.pdf – 148 kb
As submitted prediction of capacity of a 18-inch diameter 50 ft long pipe pile driven in sand and clay — "The Northwestern University, Evanston, prediction event".

115 Tangent Modulus Analysis.pdf – 1,390 kb
The mathematical background to the tangent modulus analysis of strain measurements with examples.

112-TRB1169 The Unified Method.pdf – 1,379 kb
More on the Unified Design of piles for dragload, downdrag, and settlement.

110 Variation of capacity within a group.pdf - 598 kb
Results of dynamic and static testing of single piles within a pile group with emphasis on variation of capacity between the piles

109 CAPWAP as a Function of Operator.pdf - 250 kb
A compilation of the results of CAPWAP analysis of blow records from four piles performed by all the persons who in 1988 could do a CAPWAP analysis.

103 A Moose Hunt.pdf
A case history of a comedy of mistakes.

101 Body FHWA 1986 prediction.pdf - 132 kb
A reformatted copy of a prediction submitted for the FHWA event in Washington 1986, with a few data from the actual field test.

096 Ignorance is bliss.pdf - 4.8 MB
The need for including a load cell in a static loading test.

095 Singapore_1984.pdf
Proposed rules for design of piles for dragload, downdrag, and negative skin friction.

092 Fish Hook.pdf
A case history of driving a pile so that it came up to impact an automobile parked nearby.

091 WEAP DFI Journal.pdf - 238 kb
Article in the first issue of Deep Foundations Institute Journal Spring 1984

084 Port of Seattle Case History.pdf
A case history of monitoring pore pressures and soil movements during the construction of a dock supported on piles.

081 PDA & Damage-II.pdf
Discovering pile damage by means of the PDA.

076 Gr.Engng. Analysis of Loading Tests.pdf - 3.7 MB
Copy of article in Ground Engineering 1980: The analysis of Routine Pile Loading Tests.

074 PDA & Damage.pdf
Discovering pile damage by means of the PDA.

073 CAPWAP Quake.pdf - 379 kb
1980 paper showing that CAPWAP quakes can be much larger than 2.5 mm.

070 Composite Concrete Piles.pdf - 14 kb
The rule for cross-section area-ratio of composite piles.

069 Center Pipes.pdf- 88 kb
Use of center pipe and special probe to inspect for bending.

066 Bitumen-coated piles-Discussion.pdf - 240 kb
Discussion on results of laboratory testing of bitumen subjected to slow shear strain rates.

064 Bellow Hose.pdf - 349 kb
Multipoint device for measuring settlement and heave.

056 Terrestrial.pdf- 404 kb
Use of photogrammetry to measure pile movements.

053 Soil Disturbance 2.pdf - 1,170 kb
Study of disturbance to sensitive clay from driving a large pile group.

045 Soil Disturbance 1.pdf - 1,580 kb
Study of disturbance to sensitive clay from driving a small pile group.

038 Interpretation of the static loading test.pdf - 1,200 kb
Compilation of various method of interpreting pile capacity from load-movement curves.

035 Bitumen Slip Layer-Discussion.pdf - 166 kb
Discussion on what constitutes need for reduction of shaft shear (negative skin friction) and choice of thickness of bitumen.

034 The Svarta Slide.pdf - 730 kb
A case history of a landslide triggered by pile driving and remediation work using wick drains to release pore pressures. The Discussion of the paper deals with presentation of the pore pressure measurements and how to plot in order to show the benefits of the wick drains.

030 Bäckebol.pdf - 875 kb
Test arrangement and long-term measurements of dragload on two precast concrete pile in clay.

029 Buckling of Piles.pdf - 424 kb
A case history of excavation and documentation of piles that have been displaced and broken due to soil movements.

025 Inclinometer.pdf - 468 kb
Use of inclinometer for determining pile bending.

013 Shear force in slow rate of shear (in Swedish) - 378 kb
A shear-box study of shear force of clay and bitumen during slow shear rate

007 Pile Force Gage.pdf - 378 kb
Presentation of a pile force gage for measuring axial and bending forces in a pile